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Skilled Nursing in San Francisco, CA.

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Skilled Nursing Care: What Is It?

More than often, enough terms such as assisted living, nursing home, and skilled nursing are thrown around. However, they all mean something different. Skilled nursing facilities are simply the physical buildings that house those in need of professional nursing care or assisted living.

If you didn’t know, assisted living is suited to seniors that don’t require constant killed nursing services but rather some assistance with daily living activities. These daily living activities include but are not limited to bathing, eating, medication reminders, or getting out of bed. Skilled nursing can be explained as patient treatment or care that a licensed nurse should only carry out.

Skilled nursing is offered to persons in need via life plan communities, living communities, a professional nursing home, or various certified locations. This type of nursing is regulated by the Department of Health and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services within the United States. To become certified, a skilled nursing center should first meet various criteria that require proper inspection. This means that they must undergo the highest standards within the industry.

Types Of Skilled Nursing Care

Suppose you or the ones closest to you have recently undergone surgery, suffered from strokes, or received treatment for respiratory, heart, or kidney conditions. In that case, they may need the dedicated services of a skilled nurse. Hence, they may need to be taken to a professional nursing home after being released from the hospital. In most instances, Medicare will take care care of the coverage for these services.

However, even when both occupational and physical therapy is needed, they’ll cover the costs. This ensures that your loved ones are not left without the treatment and care that they deserve. It should be noted that before you can qualify for these benefits, you must be under the supervision of a certified nursing establishment. These and more are some of the skilled nursing benefits that you’ll be able to get.

Physical Therapy – After hospitalization, surgery, or even an illness, the highly trained team will structure a unique plan to ensure that you have the most favorable outcome.

Occupational Therapy – This form of therapy ensures that you can quickly adapt to both physical and social environments after undergoing treatment. Some of these include memory training, getting dressed, and coordination exercises.

 With speech therapy, issues such as swallowing dysfunction and communication issues will be addressed. A language pathologist will create a specially designed plan to aid with language barriers. Hence, an alternate communication method, as well as a suitable diet, will be given.

Skilled nursing homes usually offer and an array of services. Some of these include but are not limited to:

• Occupational therapy
• Physical therapy
• Wound care
• Injections
• Monitoring vital signs and various medical equipment
• Speech-language pathology
• Intravenous therapy

The listed services are the following skilled nursing stall is needed:

• Registered nurses
• Language or speech pathologists
• Audiologists
• Practical nurses that are properly licensed
• Medical directors

However, these persons must have transfer agreements with certified establishments. This ensures that residents can receive emergency care if needed.

Helpful Tips For Choosing Skilled Nursing

1. What did you think after visiting an establishment?
2. Did it smell or look clean?
3. Are residents greeted with smiles and first-name references?
4. e the residents happy and cared for?
5. Would you leave your loved ones in the care of the place you are visited?

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