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Elderly Care; Dealing With Resistance

Caring for the elderly is not always easy, especially if a loved one refuses the help. Understanding the cause of resistance from a loved one is the best approach, as you can learn how to encourage cooperation.

What Causes Resistance To Care?

If a loved one needs to be cared for, they are most likely dealing with loss. It could be physical, mental, the loss of a spouse, or losing their independence. Once they accept help, they are giving up their privacy. They will have to adjust to new routines. They know that this is what awaits could cause a loved one to feel afraid, anxious, and vulnerable. They may even feel angry or guilty for needing help because they feel they are becoming a burden to their family and friends.

At times, your loved one may become stubborn, get mental health issues, or feel that accepting help is a sign of weakness. They may also be worried about the cost of some types of care.

How can you approach a loved one about the need for care?

A doctor can start a discussion about the needs of your loved one with them, or you can do it yourself. If you discuss the issue and feel that your loved one may resist the care you wish to provide through family, close friends, or assisted care, the following tips will help.

• Determine the kind of help they need and make an honest assessment of the situation. It will enable you to decide which services will be appropriate for them.
• Pick a time when both you and your loved one are relaxed as it will make it easier to listen to each other and speak candidly.
• Ask your loved one what they prefer. If they are going to get the services from family, ask them which family member they prefer and what type of care they need. You may not be able to fulfill all their wishes, but you will be taking what they want into consideration by asking.
• Get your family members to help out as they may be able to convince your loved one to accept the help you are offering.
• Do not give up on trying to convince them. If they do not seem interested in discussing the topic, try to talk to them later.

What are the best strategies for managing resistance to care?

To encourage your loved one to cooperate, you might:

• Suggest a trial period and let your loved one take time to make a final decision about the type of care they need.
• Describe care in a positive light. Refer to the care as an activity that they love.
• Explain your needs to your loved one and consider asking them to accept care to make your life easier.
• Talk to your loved one about the cost if they seem resistant because of the cost of care.
• Focus on the big picture instead of arguing with your loved one and try to see their point of view.

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