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Memory Care in San Francisco, CA.

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Memory Care: Specialized Support For Individuals With Dementia Or Alzheimer’s

When it is becoming increasingly harder to care for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease at home, there is the option of a memory care facility. Memory care falls under senior living categories that provided specialized, intensive care for seniors with memory problems.

Why Is Memory Care Different?

Memory care is a structured and safe environment that includes lower stress and set routines for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Trained employees prepare and provide meals to the residents and assist them in personal care, similar to how staff work in assisted living facilities. But these staff members have special training to handle the complex and unique problems that commonly arise from diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

In assisted living facilities, residents still control how they spend their time, with mealtimes and menus posted. The staff at these facilities do not check in on the residents. In a memory care facility, the staff will make sure the residents are receiving meals, attending activities, and moving onto the next activity.

Since people with a condition like dementia are more prone to wandering, these facilities also have elevators requiring a code, alarmed doors, and outdoor spaces enclosed to keep the residents safe and on-site. Many of these facilities also provide tracking bracelets, giving residents a bit of freedom to do what they want and allowing staff members to know where they are located.

The activities on offer promote improving cognitive function while engaging residents at each stage of their disease.

Tips On How To Choose A Memory Care Facility

Once you have started to narrow down your options, most experts suggest that you visit these memory care facilities at least 2 to 3 times, including an announced visit (preferably in the evening) when staff numbers are lower. Here are a few factors to keep in mind during each search.

• Physical Environment And Layout

Is the facility pleasant and clean? Are the hallways circular so the residents don’t get confused and frustrated by a dead end? Are the doors and rooms clearly labeled with pictures and words to assist residents in finding their way? Is the outdoor area enclosed with clearly define walking paths? Do the current residents look like they are happy?

• Staff

What type of dementia-specific training does the staff have? Is there a nurse that works inside the building? While you are visiting, are the needs of the residents met quickly? Ask questions about how the staff members deal with individuals that display aggressive behavior.

• Activities And Food

Does the center provide activities that keep the residents engaged? For example, what strategies or techniques do the staff utilize to encourage the residents to attend mealtimes and eat? Ask to see one of the meals on your visit and participate in one of the activities at the residences you are considering. Watch how the staff engages with the residents during these activities.

• Availability Of Continuing Care

A few of the memory care assisted living units are not able to offer complex medical care. Find out about the behaviors or health conditions that would require a resident to move into a higher care level provided at the facility.

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