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Different Assisted Living Options

There is usually a time when an aging adult requires more assistance than what can be offered by the family. That being said, they might not necessarily need expensive 24/7 nursing care either. In these cases, assisted living could be the way to go. That way, the aging adult has the opportunity to maintain his or her natural independence and privacy for a lengthy amount of time.

Are You Trying To Figure Out If Assisted Living Is Right For You?

Assisted living facilities are called many different things. Sometimes they are referred to as adult care facilities. However, no matter what they are called, they are state-licensed. Because they aren’t controlled or licensed by the Federal government, all of the services they provide will vary from state to state. Many people live in these facilities. More than 500,000 people currently do. This number is only expected to continue to increase as more and more people enter old age. However, despite these facilities offering a social model of care rather than a medical one, they offer people the assistance they might need that can make living easier.

You’ll find that aging adults have plenty of options to consider when it comes to these facilities. There are smaller ones available that offer more home-like environments. There are much larger options that have even more amenities than you might believe. Because of such a wide range of options to choose from, aging adults have the opportunity to choose something that fits their specific criteria of what they are after, including their budget. A lot of the facilities offer apartment-style living. Some do provide specialized care and focus on those with different forms of dementia.

These facilities are required to provide some services, including:

• 24/7 staffing
• Social services
• Both housekeeping and laundry services
• Prepared meals
• Recreation services
• Assistance with daily activities
• Transportation services

Different Types Of Assisted Living Options

1. Group Homes

These are some of the more popular options. These are apartments or houses that house two or more people. Typically, they offer in-home care. In addition, there are different subtypes of group home options, including but not limited to board-and-care homes, single-room occupancy residences, and more. These homes differ based on the types of residents living in them. For instance, many of them are meant to offer specialized living quarters for those who have dementia.

2. Adult Foster Care

These are homes meant to provide everything from room, board, and assistance for those who need it. These are usually offered by either paid caregivers or those sponsoring the adults—this type of option benefits from giving the aging adult a much more comfortable and familiar living environment.

3. Sheltered Housing

This is an option that is usually a home that gives out personal-care support, meals, and housekeeping services. In addition, there are situations where social work services and other things can be added. Typically, the client pays up to 30% of their income for this arrangement.

4. Continuing-Care Retirement Communities

This is one for aging adults looking to live in a community for the rest of their lives. These communities are excellent because they can accommodate a variety of different living options. Residents can choose from condos to apartments and get assisted or nursing care services on an as-needed basis.


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